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Ranking List of Complaints Satisfaction in November Newly Released.

2022-12-01 Brokersview

When choosing a trading platform, investors are often concerned about the spreads, swap rates, etc., but overlook a very important aspect, the service attitude of the broker. Through the brokers' names we listed, investors can directly see whether a trader values the opinion of its clients or not and what's their attitude towards clients.


This month, the number of complaints against Brokers didn't decrease, and the complaints mainly focus on difficulties with withdrawals, untimely withdrawals, unreasonable operation by brokers, and account bans. BrokersView will publish the List for investors' reference.


List of specific brokers and their complaints satisfaction:

     Brokers                                       Complaints Satisfaction

IC Markets                                                   100%

Pepperstone                                                100%

DBGMarkets                                                100%

Exness                                                          100%

Doo Prime                                                    100%

CXM Direct                                                  100%

EightCap                                                      100%

VT Markets                                                   100%

ExtrendCap                                                   0%

SHANGQUAN                                                0%

We One Limited                                            0%

Silver Brook                                                   0%

VTFX                                                              0%

MultiBank Group                                           0%

MFM Securities                                             0%

FTX                                                                0%

It is noticed that brokers like MultiBank-Group and MFM Securities in the list, though having its regulations or business registrations, have been receiving complaints from their customers for unreasonable trading operations. While ExtrendCapSHANGQUANWe One LimitedSilver BrookVTFX, and FTX are total scam brokers without any authorization or regulation. We recommend that investors stay away from these entities.

In particular, we would like to remind investors that this month we have received a large number of complaints from users of ExtrendCap. According to the customer's complaint, this scam broker even threatened the customer to stop the complaint against his company. The customer was not allowed to make withdrawals and even asked to pay a so-called personal income tax to withdraw the money, which is absolutely unreasonable. We recommend that investors stay away from these entities.

BrokersView would like to remind all investors that before selecting a broker, investors should be alert to those with complaints in addition to learning their regulatory information to avoid risks. And investors can submit a complaint through BrokersView when encountering suspected violations. We will act as a third party to defend your rights for free, assist in communicating with the broker, or help you send emails to the regulator!

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