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High Similarity FX Scams: First Rate Crypto, Revolut Trade Hub and Expert CryptoFx Option

2022-09-29 Brokersview

To attract as many investors as possible, and to continue to defraud when exposed, the same fraudulent company often operates multiple fraudulent websites at the same time. These "mass-produced" sites are easily been recognized because they share the same web design, regulatory information, and scamming methods.

Here we are going to show you three highly similar scams - First Rate Crypto, Revolut Trade Hub, and Expert CryptoFx Option. Below are their websites: 

•  First Rate Crypto (hereinafter referred to as FRO) -

•  Revolut Trade Hub (hereinafter referred to as RVTH) -

•  Expert CryptoFx Option (hereinafter referred to as ECO) - 


Suspicious Similarities

The banners on the three sites are almost identical. If you're not careful, you might misunderstand that you're visiting the same site. They even did not change the diction of the ads.

Just like the common scammers we often see, these three scammers also pretend to be experienced by exaggerating their years of operation in the forex market. Specifically, FRO and RVTH claim that they started their financial business in 1986, while ECO claims to have started in 2009. Moreover, they all claim to be awarded in the past few years, even though the awards' names are the same! However, the creation date makes the claims suspicious.

As shown in the pictures, these three websites were all newly established this year, less than a year ago, so how did they manage their businesses and win awards before this year? This makes us wonder if they are lying.


Regulated? No!

Similarly, all three claims to be legal brokers under multiple regulations, including FCA, ASIC, and FSCA.

First, we searched ASIC and FSCA and confirmed that they were not regulated by the two regulators. 

Additionally, we found that FCA has issued warnings against the scams.

All in all, all three highly similar brokers are scams, probably by the same scam company.

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