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CMC Markets Considers to Split into Two Divisions

Nov 16, 2021


CMC Markets, one of the world's leading online financial trading businesses, has confirmed that it is considering to separate its leveraged and non-leveraged divisions and the company is in the very early stages of evaluating the merits of the separation.

On 10 June 2021, CMC Markets announced with its full year 2021 results that as part of its strategy beyond leveraged trading (CFDs), it will be launching its new UK investment D2C and B2B platforms next year, offering investment products, physical shares, tax wrappers and third party funds.

On 16 September 2021, the company announced that the B2B white label deal with ANZ was ending and will be replaced by the acquisition of over 500,000 of ANZ's share investing clients with total assets in excess of £25 billion, increasing combined client assets to approximately £40 billion, with approximately 1 million investing clients.

As a consequence of this acquisition, the growing size of investing clients and their assets, the launch of the new UK investment platform, and its growing B2B platform business, the group boasts two strong underlying businesses, leveraged and non-leveraged.

"In this context, and in discussion with its advisers, the Board intends to undertake an exploratory review to consider the viability of a managed separation of the Group's non-leveraged and leveraged businesses in the interests of maximizing shareholder value. As these discussions are exploratory at this stage, they may or may not lead to a managed separation of these businesses in due course,"the group stated.

This week, CMC Markets has promoted Camilla Boldracchi to the position of Institutional Services Team Leader.