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Cheated Over $800,000! Investors revealed Jumper Capital is a Scam

Mar 01, 2022 Brokersview

Scam exists in any financial markets and the forex market is no exception. Even in 2022 sleazy forex brokers continue to deceive traders. How could investors know fraudulent brokers? Checking blacklists of forex brokers on BrokersView, you will find many investors are dealing with fraud brokers. Recently, we learned a scam conducted by Jumper Capital, leading to heavy losses for investors.

Pay Extra Money For Identity Verification

An investor posted his scammed trading experiences in Jumper Capital. According to his description, he submitted a withdrawal application to Jumper Capital Ltd. for $625K. The next day, he was informed the audit couldn't be completed unless he agreed to deposit 30% of his profit to verify his identity. When this money was done, he was requested to deposit $10K to open the VIP green withdrawal channel and 3% of the current withdrawal funds for the sake of fund security. And at that time, he knew he was cheated by the fraud. 


Offer Services Without Any License

The fraud claims it is a reliable platform with guaranteed regulations. Checking its home page, the company insists on complying with stricter regulations than the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), but gives no more specific regulatory information.

To help verify whether it is really regulated, we started a livechat conversation with the broker. At first, it didn't say anything about regulatory information. After our constant query, it said it is regulated by the ASIC but told no license number. So we checked with its name on the ASIC AFSL registers, the ASIC-supervised brokers' list, but found no results. 

(livechat with Jumper Capital)

These proofs make it clear: Jumper Capital is actually not regulated or registered by any financial regulator. That means investors' funds in the broker is unsafe and cannot be protected by any laws. Therefore, it is a scam.

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