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Caution! Capitalonefx is an Unlicensed Forex Broker

May 10, 2022 Brokersview


Scam exists in any financial markets and the forex market is no exception. How could investors know fraudulent brokers? Well, you can check the “Scam” on BrokersView.

Recently, we learned Capitalonefx is one of the above unscrupulous brokers.


Newly Established Less than 2 Months

Although Capitalonefx shows its history started from 2018, we found it was actually established less than 2 months. You can see from the domain check result:

 (Image Source: domain check)

Misleading Licenses

Capitalonefx states that it offers investment services including forex, share CFDs, commodities and indices under the regulation of the FCA, ASIC and FSCA.

 (Image Source: Capitalonefx)

Searching with Capitalonefx on the FCA Registry, we found no license matching results but a warning record. The UK’s financial watchdog added Capitalonefx to its alert list, saying that this firm is not authorised by it and is targeting people in the UK on 24 March 2022.

 (Image Source: FCA)

Checking with the name Capitalonefx on ASIC Registry and FSCA Registry, we found no results.

  (Image Source: ASIC & FSCA)

That is to say - the firm is running without any licenses.

Based on the information, we can conclude that Capitalonefx is a scam.

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