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Beware of Being Scammed into Investing from Dating Sites!

2023-09-19 Brokersview


At the end of August, police have arrested a Nigerian man and 13 Thai members of the romance scam gang for allegedly stealing 800 million baht from a Thai woman. Over three years, from 2018 to 2021, the gang transferred out of Thailand while police conducted search operations in seven provinces.


Narcotics Suppression Bureau of the Royal Thai police raided 14 locations - 7 in Bangkok, 2 in Phitsanulok, and one each in Pathum Thani, Uthai Thani, Uttaradit, Kamphaeng Phet, and Phichit, and detained a total of 14 people.


The police conducting enforcement.


The Nigerian man was identified as Mr Ezeneche. And Uzochukwu Jerome, 45, was arrested in 2018 on the same charges. After being acquitted, he returned to the same offense.


At BrokersView, we take it very seriously to provide information to our followers. Romance scams are on the rise these days. This gang of scammers targets women who are easy to trust. These types of scams can be devastating, both psychologically and financially, so we want to remind everyone how they work. If you encounter this type of scam or have questions about the investment opportunity that has been offered, please contact us. You can always contact BrokersView's customer support for a free consultation.


Scam methods of romance scam gangs

Worried about her financial future, Nim was looking for a successful and charming man through dating apps or her social media channels.


She then met Mij, who approached Nim and offered high-yield investment opportunities. Mij offered himself to be an investor with a lot of experience, offering investment opportunities that couldn't be found anywhere else. Nim was delighted with sweet words and was tempted by the promise of a lot of money in return. She began to trust Mij, believing that this investment opportunity was the answer to all her financial concerns. However, she hardly knew that she had fallen victim to Romantic Investment Scams.


Love scam.


Features of the scam

Romantic Investment Scams are noted as follows:


Emotional control: Scammers use emotional management techniques to gain the trust and loyalty of their victims. They create a feeling of intimacy with the victim. This makes it easier to exploit the victims financially.


Promises high returns: Scammers lure their victims with the promise of an inflated return on their investment. These promises are designed to lure investors, let greed take over, and thus overlook scrutiny.


Special Investment Opportunities: Scammers claim to have access to special investment opportunities that are not available to the general public. This gives the impression that it is privileged to be part of this opportunity.


Requesting personal and money information: To carry out scams, scammers often ask for personal information, such as bank account details, Social Security numbers, or passport copies. They may also ask for money to cover administrative fees, taxes, or legal costs associated with investments.


How to avoid romance scams

Here are some important steps for investors:


Be suspicious: Use caution and skepticism when approached by people offering investment opportunities. Especially if relationships develop rapidly and they show too much interest in your personal life.


Find out: Before investing any money, carefully study the person, company, or investment opportunity. Look for red flags, such as credentials that can't be verified. Online invisibility and negative reviews or complaints


Don't share personal information: Avoid sharing personal or financial information only with people you meet online or have questions. Legitimate investment professionals will never ask for personal information in advance.


Report and disclose scams: If you come across a Romantic Investment Scam or suspect fraud, report it to Brokersview immediately.


Request a Free Consultation from Brokersview

We understand that distinguishing real investment opportunities from scams can be difficult. That is why Brokersview offers free consulting services to our clients. If you have any questions or concerns about your investment opportunities, you may contact our customer support team for expert advice here to help you make informed decisions and protect your investment.



Romantic Investment Scams are on the rise in the investment industry. Know these methods of deception and follow the steps described in this article. You can protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraudulent schemes. If in doubt, contact Brokersview for free consultation and assistance to stay informed and protect your financial future.