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All Scam in One? These Three Unregulated FX Broker Share the Same Address

2022-11-02 Brokersview

Fraudulent companies are able to continue their fraudulent activities even after they are exposed because they often use multiple trading names and operate multiple scam websites at the same time. And here BrokersView is going to list the similarities of the three unlicensed brokers - Crystal Investment Profit, Cryptoxtrades, and SuperCryptoOptions.


Same Web-Design

All three sites use an almost identical design, differing only in details, such as logos and colors. And they are even lazy to change the data they demonstrate on the homepages.

Among them, Crystal Investment Profit and SuperCryptoOptions are even using the same banner.

Same "Clients" & Address

Prudent investors always want to hear what other clients have to say about the broker when considering trading on a new platform, which is a good method to avoid being scammed. Scammers take advantage of this to try to gain the trust of investors.

The funny thing is that three brokers has exactly the same "clients" and feedback. These customer reviews are like formulas that differ only in the value - trading name - that is "applied" to them.

What's more, they share the same address located in the UK, which is a red flag. As we all know, the address is one of the important pieces of information we need to check when confirming the forex license.

No Regulatory Information

Just like the other common forex scams, the frauds did not mention any words about its regulations. A regulated broker has no reason to hide such crucial information, therefore it is another red flag.


Warned by FCA

Since all three companies are based in the UK, it is necessary to check their information in the FCA. Instead of regulation approvals, we could only find warnings against them. Within about a month, all of them were warned by FCA. In other words, none of them were authorized to provide financial services or products in the UK.

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