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Swissquote Adds Blockchain 2.0 Theme to Its Offering

Sep 16, 2021


Swissquote, Switzerland's leading bank in online trading services, has added Blockchain 2.0 theme to its Themes Trading offering.

Swissquote's Blockchain 2.0 theme focuses on proactive adopters of this technology and established companies that gravitate around the blockchain economy. Investments are made across a broad range of sectors: venture capital and investment services, cryptocurrency mining, crypto exchange, consulting, software development and hardware manufacturing.

Swissquote comments: "Blockchain emerged the unlikely hero of the Bitcoin phenomenon with a unique data storage method that could be the key to transforming traditional business models. It's become one of the hottest trends in the financial markets with proactive investors racing to get in early".

Themes Trading is Swissquote's collection of dynamic thematic portfolios, which means that traders do not buy individual stocks but assortments of stocks. Investors opting for this thematic investment are looking at what lies ahead and can therefore position their portfolio for faster growth and higher returns.

Swissquote introduced Themes Trading in September 2015. Back then, the service offered an initial set of 30 diverse themes, including global electric, cyber security, Greek recovery and fitness trends. The service offers investors to find opportunities in thematic investing, coupled with the highest possible transparency.