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FXCM Launches 'Client First, Trader Driven' Initiative as a Brand Refresh

Jun 15, 2021

FXCM, a leading international provider of online foreign exchange (FX) trading, CFD trading, cryptocurrencies and related services, starts a brand refresh with an ambitious 'Client First' initiative expanding its product offering and boosting its client service as a part.

Highlighted by the 'client first, trader driven' tagline, 'Client First' initiative is believed a strong commitment to client service. FXCM has demonstrated this commitment so far in 2021, reporting that its average live-chat pick-up time was five seconds, while 100% of calls were answered in 45 seconds and emails replied to within a day.

Over the past year the firm has rolled out popular and emerging products to the retail trading market, adding 79 products including share CFDs, cryptos and stock baskets across Europe, Hong Kong and USA. For example, a new stock basket product, Big China Tech (ATMX), combines the shares of Alibaba, Tencent, Meituan and Xiaomi, some of the biggest and most widely traded tech companies globally.

FXCM now offers multiple stock baskets to their retail clients, made up into the following: Big US Tech (“FAANG”), Esports & Gaming, Biotechnology, China Technology and China E-commerce, and now Big China Tech (ATMX). These baskets have proven to be popular with their clients and as a result the company is keen to proactively add new products and expand its competitive offering to reach a wider group of traders.

FXCM also enables its clients to invest in a range of globally listed companies such as Amazon and Tesla, large banks including Citigroup and JP Morgan and firms which have benefited from the work from home trend including Peloton and Zoom Video Communications.

Brendan Callan, CEO of FXCM, said: “We have been proactively rolling out new products, adding 79 products in 2021 so far and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. With the world drastically changing how it communicates in the past year, we’ve also ramped up resourcing in our client service team. It is paramount that our people connect with our clients on every level from the moment they start their trading journey. Our commitment to top-notch service fosters trust and we look to build a strong connection with our clients through each stage of the trading experience. Our approach is simple: when our clients want to trade something, it should be available on our platform and when they need support, our team is there to help them.”