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1% Daily Bonus? Investors Revealed Topology Financial is a Scam

Apr 07, 2022 Brokersview

Every investor who participates in forex investment aims to make money, but the most important prerequisite for profit is to choose a safe and compliant broker, rather than blindly choosing one based on its attracting bonus.

Recently, BrokersView learned a victim named Dave, saying that he has been scammed to deposit money into Topology Financial because of the bonus inducement.

1% Daily Bonus

A trader posted his bad experience in Topology Financial. He deposited $4,000 dollars in his account and traded with profits, a total balance $8,575. When he requested to withdraw, he was refused by the company. Why he traded with the firm? He said the company gave him 1% bonus daily, added to his balance.

Then we find more information about the company.

An UK-Broker Without a License

Headquartered in the UK, the entity must be registered as a liable forex brokerage with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as other British-regulated forex brokers do. However, we found no results matched with Topology Financial on the FCA Register. That means Topology Financial has no FCA license. Investors' funds in it is unsafe and cannot be protected by any laws.



Misleading Company Information

Apart from the zero regulatory license, we found Topology Financial is using misleading company information. It claims it was established in 2010 and had 379,403 clients with a total trade volume of 15,885,753. But when the domain check results showed it was newly created on 28 January 2022. So how it can reach such trade figures in just two months? It must be a scam.

In order to avoid the fraud, BrokersView would suggest you find easily a broker's regulation information before you are going to deal with it.

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