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Barbara OSullivan
Romania 2022-11-22
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Claims: Fund Recovery
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We have received your complaint about Leobor. 

Sorry, we could not find any valid websites about Leobor at this moment. 

Could you provide us with a valid website and contact methods for this broker? And it will be better if you also can provide us with information about your trading records, trading live account number, and other evidence. We will try to contact this broker for you.

You can just add all information and evidence to this complaint.

In the meantime, we recommend you collect all relevant evidence to report to the local economic investigation authority or the local police as soon as possible.

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Barbara OSullivan File a Complaint

I need someone who can help me get my money back. Last November I started investing with lebor forex. Within a very short period, I got a good amount of profit from my trading and I have kept my trust in the platform. Until recently I want to withdraw some money, but they sent me a message asking me to pay only $6500 for personal income tax. I borrowed money from someone to pay this tax. However, when I requested another withdrawal I was told that my account had been blocked I asked customer service and was not given an exact reason as to why my account had been blocked, only that if I wanted to withdraw I would need to pay another $3,471. I told customer service that I didn't have any more money but they said it was my problem and that I should find a solution and if I refused to pay my account would be forced to be emptied. I know I must have been scammed, please help me with this as I don't have any money left. My wife has just become pregnant. I was hoping to get some money to help my family through investments but now I lost everything. I am devastated and I just hope someone can help me.

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2 bình luận