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It's hard to withdrawl from MultiBank-Group
Mohammad Burhan
United Arab Emirates Jul 04, 2022
Related Broker:
MultiBank Group
Claims: Fund Recovery
Amount: $928
Progress: Closed
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Jul 06, 2022

Convey the inquiry about the progress

Mohammad Burhan Replenished the Complaint
Jun 29, 2022

I have $9917.05 in my account. I want to withdrawl all my money at once. Plz help me, thank you!

BrokersView The broker is processing
Jun 29, 2022
BrokersView BrokersView is processing
Jun 29, 2022

As soon as the broker reply, we will follow up here. If you have withdrawal details, you can add in this post. 

Mohammad Burhan File a Complaint
Jun 29, 2022

This broker did not process my $928 withdrawal request. It's been half of a year since I made my second withdrawal request.

I talked to customer service staff for many times. They only asked me to wait.

Now I have difficulty with cash flow because of COVID-19. So please help me. I will really appreciate that.