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Is FASCISM a scam? Help me please!
Singapore Jul 21, 2022
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Claims: Fund Recovery
Amount: $76558
Progress: Replied
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Jul 21, 2022

I paid the commission because Mr. Li had told me that new customers must pay commission first for the first three withdrawals, and I did so. After I paid the commission to him, he said that it would take 1-2 working days to review, then I can have my money back on the next Monday. 

Later, when I asked the customer service on Monday, he said that it needs to take one more working day. I asked "It would not be credited today? If my account hasn't been credited today, then I will have my money tomorrow?" He said yes. But it turned into a scam website when I checked the web page in the evening.

I want to ask the customer service. He said that the website is under maintenance and repair, but he is not reading the question I asked later? Then I ask Mr. Li about web page showed as scam? He said no! and he saied the page is under maintenance! And he was paying attention for me. But the messages sent to him later were not being read,

I clicked to the page but it shows that the webpage could not be found, or the private connection was displayed on the browser! I still want to withdraw my funds, is there any way??