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Acy maliciously deducts profits illegally
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China 2022-07-29
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ACY Securities
Claims: Fund Recovery,Compensation for Trading Losses
Amount: $13256
Progress: Closed
Dung File a Complaint

Before opening an account, I informed Fay, Acy's account manager, regarding my transaction. I also confirmed whether I my transaction method was supported. Fay promised that there would be no problem, and the deposit and withdrawal were also safe, so I open an account normally, and then use usdt to deposit funds into Acy for investment. 

After more than a month of uneasy eating and sleeping, and after more than a month of staying up, I finally won a profit of 15,236.28 US dollars, which is already a huge amount of money to me. So I applied for a withdrawal of $3,000, but the withdrawal was rejected. Acy sent me an email to inform me that a video certification was required, and I immediately took a video as required. It took about two weeks for the review, and I kept reminding my manager helped to deal with it. Of course, the manager also vowed to say that there was no problem with the funds. His company was an old brand company, and it would never cheat on this situation. 

The first email to notify me was the Chinese support customer service email. I'm curious to know if its headquarters know about the thing like this? Is this the company playing rogue? Please help me get back my profit of $15,236, help me get justice.