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Operating status: SCAM


Broker violations and abnormal records
  • 2021-06-14 BrokersView has reviewed that COINEXX is an unregulated forex broker
    COINEXX provides the minimum information about its company details and trading license, which is already a red flag for potential traders. According to the information presented on its MT5 software, this broker is operated by Coinexx Ltd, a UK-based company registered with Companies House. However, ...
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2021-06-02 0-6 months Pro ECN Account
Coinexx offers bonus deposits on top of your initial deposit, which helps you get a larger margin. As a result, I was forced to stop losing $1,400 on my trade and within minutes, it had gone up to where I knew I would make a good profit. I don't know why they suddenly removed the margins, but I didn't notice until it was too late. I just want things to work as usual and as expected. I can't handle the changes that happen in the course of the transaction. It's ridiculous.
United States of America
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