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Operating status: SCAM


Broker violations and abnormal records
  • Aug 01, 2022 BrokersView has Reviewed that Tradingfit is an Unregulated Financial Service Provider
    Tradingfit claims to be a reliable firm while presenting no details about its regulations. Lacking regulatory information may be a distinct characteristic of unlicensed brokers, as legit brokers always present their certificates and licenses in a prominent pos...
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Aug 25, 2022
I was trading on that platform for 2 months. A friend of mine was trading there, too. We could withdraw small money. My friend could get all his money back which was less than 5k USD, but my account was locked. I hold/won 13 BTC on that account which is inaccessible. They said that I used external signals and by law I need a trading license. It is not easy to get such a license and it cost quite a lot of money. I would appreciate to contact me to get this problem solved.
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